How To Create A Powerful Shift In Focus After Divorce 

4 Tips For Intentionally Re-Creating Your Life 

In under 15 minutes you'll get:

  • Expert advice on how to handle the reality you are facing.
  • Tips & strategies for tackling the aftermath of divorce and the question of "What's Next?!"
  • Actionable steps to empower you to move forward in your life. 

This is a great "listen to" in the morning, while stretching, getting ready, commuting, or at the gym. 

Easy to absorb, POWERFUL content that might be just what you need to hear.

Shannon McGorry is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Divorce and Life Empowerment.  

Expertise, Prioritization, Clarity, and Accountability are the principles of Shannon’s practice. 

She empowers clients to show up confident, well informed, and educated as they make decisions and take consistent, intentional action in support of their future reality.  

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